APP55-20 LAHORE: March 20 – Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif talks to media during the inauguration ceremony of Lahore Speed Bus Service. APP

LAHORE, March 20 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif inaugurated Lahore Feeder Bus Service in Model Town on Monday.
Addressing the inaugural ceremony, the chief minister said with the inauguration of Feeder Bus Service 200 air conditioned busses would ply from 6 AM in morning to 11 pm at night on 14 Feeder Routes. These buses will cover 130 kilometre of entire route of Metro Bus and 120,000 commuters will be benefited with this new bus system. Feeder Bus Service will be useful in commuting people residing in near area to metro bus station.
The chief minister has also announced to inaugurate Feeder Bus System in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Multan’s Metro Bus Service routes, and said at the event that Metro Bus System was facilitating common man day and night and thus providing them with safe and swift transportation and Feeder Bus service was an exemplary addition in it. Commuters will be charged with 15 rupees fare from one side and they will also be charged for 20 rupees only on Metro Bus Service, in this way Metro and Feeder Bus service fare is interlinked.
He said subsidy of billions of rupees and provision of the best transport facilities to common man would be a constant prick for the elites and they would be in pain on the provision of facilities to common man and the subsidy of billions of rupees.
“It is the right of the elites to travel in expensive cars but when it comes to the facility of a poor man, this question becomes a constant nagging prick for them. The Punjab government was utilising the resources with honesty on providing the best facilities in education, health and transportation sector”he said.
Those who travel in Mercedes, Pajero and expensive cars feel insecure, jealous after seeing common man traveling with comfort and respect and they can criticize without any solid argument, however, I don’t get affected from their approach,he added.
“Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has laid a responsibility of serving common man on my shoulders and I will fulfill my promise at any cost and I will go to any limit to change their lifestyle by providing them with better standard facilities so that they can also feel themselves as respectable Pakistani citizens”,he said.
He added:”They cannot intervene with me in serving common
man as I am and will be burning midnight oil to change the
lifestyle of a common man,those who are indulged in
corruption, unscrupulous deeds and frauds have no right to
criticize the welfare projects for a common man, in other
words their looted money should be showered on common man or
otherwise their corrupt money should be snatched from them and
should be spend on providing the health, education and
transportation facilities of a common man”,
He stated March 23 is on its way and this historical day is celebrated with zeal and avidity.
He said under the leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif the energy projects were heading towards completion and sooner the nation would be ridden away from the dark.
In his conversation with the media, the chief minister said:” I don’t want to comment on anything, however, Niazi Sahib is working on the same Jangla Bus Project in Peshawar, the one he has criticized a lot in the past and we all know that this project provide respectable and comfortable secure transport facility to the common man”.
“I will not call it Jangla Bus but will congratulate Peshawar people on the inaugural of splendid bus system that will facilitate the common man”, he said and added Niazi Sahib had finally acknowledged the importance of Metro Bus System instead of criticizing it like in the past.
Provincial Minister Mian Mujtaba Shuja ur Rehman, Zaeem Hussain Qadri, Advisor Khawaja Ahmad Ehsaan, Lord Mayor Lahore Mubasher Javaid, Member Provincial Assembly Mehr Ishtiaq Ahmed, Special Assistant Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan, Chief Executive Officer Punjab Mass Transportation Authority Sibtain Fazal Haleem, Secretary Transport and other high-ups of the concerned department also attended the event.