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LAHORE, April 8 (APP): Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif here Saturday chaired a meeting to review progress on exploration of iron ore reserves in Chiniot-Rajua Sadaat.
Chief Minister said work was being started on second phase of  the iron ore exploration project along with its assessment, adding that an agreement had been signed with German company Fugro for exploration of underground minerals and their exact assessment. The German company would submit its report after an proper survey of mineral resources in Punjab and it would help identify estimated cost of minerals as well as collection of data. The company, he said, would start work on second phase of exploration of mineral resources in Chiniot and adjoining areas.
Shehbaz observed that this project carries vital importance for
betterment of national economy, as in the first phase, international experts had finalized their report by assessment of iron ore reserves
in Chiniot.
Chief Minister directed the authorities concerned that investors should be invited for investment by keeping in view the feasibility report of the project and the assessment of iron ore reserves. During the second phase, drilling and other works should be completed as early as possible in a professional and scientific manner.
A briefing was given about the future roadmap for staring work on second phase of the project. Furgo Company Managing Director Dr. Uta Alisch, geographical experts including Dr. Jens Krumb, Ralf Braumann, Secretary Mines & Minerals and other officials attended the meeting.
Punjab P&D Chairman participated in the meeting through video link.