Sharif demonstrated veneration for law, constitution and state institutions: Marriyum

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ISLAMABAD, Sep 26 (APP): Minister of State for Information,
Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb said that the
former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had exhibited
exceptional veneration for law and the constitution and set a new
example for strengthening the state institution by appearing before
the Ehtesab Court adding that the whole country was witness as to
who was upholding the law and the constitution in spite of grave
reservations and who was tendering apology after threatening,
deriding and abusing the state institutions.
In a statement issued here Tuesday, the minister said that
Muhammad Nawaz Sharif despite enjoying all legal rights, practically
demonstrated his respect for law, constitution and the state
institutions and did not try to avoid them by making excuses of back
ache and mental stress.
He not only faced the courts himself but also presented the
whole family before the law, she added.
She posed a question as to which Prime Minister and his family
had set such an example before this?
Marriyum said that fair trial was the constitutional right of
Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and his family and the people of Pakistan who
had elected him as Prime Minister with their vote wanted to see
justice being done to him as well as his family.
Minister of State observed that the former Prime Minister
Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had taken upon himself the responsibility of
upholding the sanctity and safety of the vote of the people of
Pakistan as the security of the country was inextricably linked to
sanctity of their vote.