Shahnaz urges PHF to hold seminar on Champions Trophy issue

Former Olympian Shahnaz Sheikh

ISLAMABAD, April 21 (APP): Former Olympian Shahnaz Sheikh has asked Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) to hold a seminar for developing a consensus to press International Hockey Federation (FIH) abandon its plan of doing away with the Champions Trophy.
“All the former Olympians are concerned at the FIH’s decision to scrap this prestigious event. I think we need to hold a seminar to convince the FIH that this event has a long history and its abolishment will only have negative effects on the game of hockey,” he told APP on Thursday.
The FIH has recently stated that a new portfolio of events will be launched in 2019 which will completely change the landscape of international hockey. The plan also includes scrapping of the Champions Trophy and replacing it with GHL. According to the FIH, the decision was made after more than 18 months of consultation and research overseen by a specially-formed working group for the project.