BEIJING (China) March 7 (APP): Seven female teachers from Gwadar city of Balochistan province arrived at Karamay in the Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region for a four-month exchange programme involving training in Mandarin and teaching skills.
The teachers studying at the International Division of Karamay Senior High School since March 6, are being assisted by four full-time teachers, official sources said on Tuesday.
The courses involve studying laws and regulations, elementary Chinese, an overview of Chinese culture and some information about Karamay.
The teachers will also learn traditional Chinese skills such as paper-cutting, tea art, Chinese calligraphy, Taichi, and other martial arts, in order to better understand Chinese culture and history.
Xu Ting, project director at the International Division of Karamay Senior High School, promised that this year the school would organize a trip for the Pakistani teachers to explore the surrounding areas of Karamay by visiting historical and scenic areas.
Teachers from Canada, America and Russia at the school will also be invited to discuss teaching philosophies with reference to different cultural backgrounds.
This is the second time Pakistan has sent teachers to receive training in Karamay.
The exchange programme stems from cooperation agreements signed between Karamay and Pakistan’s port city of Gwadar in 2015.
The agreements, combined with the Belt and Road Initiative, involve the fields of economy and trade, education, culture, technology and healthcare.