Sept 6 reminiscent of glorious chapter in nation’s history: Naval Chief


ISLAMABAD, Sept 6 (APP): Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral Muhammad
Zakaullah has said that 6th September is reminiscent of a glorious chapter in the nation’s history when the unmatched courage of Pakistan’s armed forces and infallible spirit of the nation foiled the nefarious designs of
a much bigger and deceitful enemy.
The Naval Chief, in his message for Defence Day to be marked on
Wednesday, said,” Every year, we pay homage to the Shuhada and Ghazis
who rendered immense sacrifices while the nation stood united behind
its soldiers, sailors and airmen in the defence of our motherland.”
He said the resolve and unwavering commitment of the armed forces
quashed the pipe dreams and misplaced ambitions of our adversary.
The Pakistan Navy through a bold and daring attack on Dwarka,
Operation Somnath, right at the onset of the war gained
psychological ascendancy and subsequently a single prowling submarine,
PNS/M GHAZI ensured that it maintained unchallenged superiority at sea throughout the war.
This effectively led to the might of the Indian fleet, including
their aircraft carrier, being bottled up in the harbour, he said.
“Notwithstanding our earnest desire for peaceful co-existence, we
need to remain alive to the challenges and developments taking place in
our region. As hegemonic and domineering mindset prevails in our eastern neighbour hood, we cannot be oblivious to the threats to our sovereignty
and national security.
“While fondly remembering the daring acts of our officers and men
who humbled and frustrated the adversary, this day calls for rekindling
the spirit of sacrifice and selfless devotion to the country,” he added.
He said today Pakistan was making steady and determined progress on
all fronts. However, that did not come without its share of challenges,
he added.
He said in the maritime domain; piracy, maritime terrorism and
organized crimes continued to pose security challenges to the peace and stability of the region. Development of CPEC and operationalization of Gwadar Deep Water Port integrating regional economies in particular and global economy in general was also facing staunch opposition from
forces inimical to the interests of Pakistan, he added.
The Naval Chief said the success of CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic
Corridor) and Gwadar port project were linked to the safe and secure maritime environment on the high seas.
Pakistan Navy, he said, was also playing a vital role in
strengthening maritime and coastal security through various initiatives, including raising of a dedicated Task Force – 88 as well as Coastal
Security & Harbour Defence Force. Pakistan Navy was, therefore, cognizant and fully geared to safeguard against any threat to Pakistani ports, coastline and sea lines of Communication.
Besides, Pakistan Navy was also playing its due role as part of ‘Operation Radd-ul-Fassad’ in collaboration with Pakistan Army, PAF
(Pakistan Air Force) and other law enforcement agencies in combating security challenges on the internal front, he added.
He said,”In keeping with our rich traditions, we dedicate this day
to the war heroes’ unrivalled courage, valour and perseverance in defence
of our motherland. All the officers, CP0s/sailors and navy civilians
pledge to renew their unflinching resolve and dedication for a brighter
and better tomorrow for the country.”
“May Allah give us strength and fortitude to discharge our
obligations in a befitting manner,” the Naval Chief maintained.