Senators urges govt to adopt clear stance against drone attacks


ISLAMABAD, Jun 2 (APP): Senators on Thursday urged the government to adopt a clear stance against the drones attack in Pakistani territory.

They termed it an attack on country’s sovereignty and violation of International laws.

Speaking on a point of order in Upper House of the Parliament, Senator Farhatullah Baber condemned the recent drone attack in an area of Balochistan, which claimed the life of Taliban Chief Mulan Mansoor.

He said it was said that the Taliban Chief was holding Pakistani CNIC and passport. The country’s isolation was increased in international community after this incident, he added.

Senator Nehal Hashmi termed the drone attack in Balochistan against the sovereignty of Pakistan and its dignity. Every one was targeted who tried to stand in front of America in the world, he said.

He said we shouldn’t blame our government and state institutions in this regard, saying that Pakistan should talk to America on equality basis.

He said it was a good step that the Foreign Office has summoned American Ambassador and recorded its protest.
The United States of America would face consequences if it attack in territory of Pakistan.

Azam Sawati said government should extend all kind of support to neighboring country Afghanistan to maintaining peace. He said we should also keep eyes on strategic agreements of India with other countries.

Javed Abbasi said Pakistan had rendered more sacrifices as compare to any country of the world in war against terrorism.

He said only recording protest was not enough, saying that there was a need to adopt any other comprehensive policy against drone strike.

Mushahid Hussain Syed said it was surprised that the car was destroyed completely following the drone attack but passport and CNIC remained safe.

He said America and India were getting close, saying that India, Afghanistan and Iran have gathered on issue of Chabahar.

Senator Lt. Gen ® Abdul Qayyum said 423 drone attacks were made since 2004 in Pakistan that claimed 4000 lives.

About 3600 civilians were targeted in these attacks, he added.

He said no any international law permit such exercise.
Hafiz Hamdullah condemned the drone attack on behalf of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) and said dialogue process were repeatedly sabotaged.

He said drones should be shoot down on violation of Pakistani territory.

He said our foreign policy should be cleared and need to be discussed in Parliament.

Hamdullah said relations with Iran, Afghanistan and America should be made clear.