Senator Ayesha emphasizes on vaccinating every missed child

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ISLAMABAD, July 9 (APP): Prime Minister’s Focal Person for
Polio Eradication, Senator Ayesha Raza Farooq Sunday stressed to
continue the drive for ploio eradication till the last child is
saved from crippling disease.
She said “Polio is a zero-sum game and until we achieve
zero, we cannot sit idle in our war against polio.”
She was addressing the concluding ceremony of four-day
10th annual review and training meeting of Field Epidemiology
Laboratory Training Program (FELTP) officers.
She congratulated the programme officials for successfully
completing six-year of dedicated work in Pakistan, according to
a press relase.
She said NSTOP officers have been adding critical value
to Pakistan programme by providing technical support at district
She said NSTOP officers are doing a great service to mankind
and are in the process of making history by wiping the crippling
polio diseases from face of the earth through hard work, dedicated
and technical knowledge.
She pledged that Government of Pakistan would do everything to
make sure that their work is further facilitated and hoped that CDC
Atlanta would extend same support to these officers in the upcoming
months and years.
The Senator praised the NSTOP leadership for having very open-
hearted, candid and frank review of their progress during the past
few days with an aim to further improve the programme. This culture
of open accountability is the driver of change in Pakistan’s polio
Eradication Initiative and NTOP officers continue to promote this
through their hard work, she added.
“Contribution of NTOP officers in over 80 districts across
the country is reflective from the progress polio programme has
made in drastically bringing down the case count to three and
improving the quality of campaigns”, she lauded in her concluding
She urged the NSTOP officers to renew a pledge to uproot the
crippling polio diseases from the country by the end of current
She said that indigenously conceived NSTOP programme of FLSTP
has produced a handsome quantity of trained human resource in the
country which will help in developing a smooth transition of these
officers to other public health initiatives.
She said that improving the routine immunization across the
country is part of the polio eradication initiative programme and
“we will do every possible effort to help our EPI colleagues to
improve on that account as well.”
National Coordinator for Pakistan Polio Program, Dr Rana
Safdar, in his concluding remarks, commended NSTOP officers by
saying that “your role at district level is very critical as
have remained instrumental in motivating and mobilizing the
DPCRs in collaboration with concerned DCs and I want you to
continue your work in the same zeal till we achieve zero.”
Welcoming the participants of the review meeting, Dr.
Rana Jawad Asgher, Resident Advisor FELTP highlighted the
role of Field Epidemiology Training Programme in strengthening
federal and provincial human resource which is assisting the
Government of Pakistan in controlling communicable diseases
including the N-STOP initiative targeting Polio and vaccine
preventable diseases.
Four-day review meeting of the N-STOP officers was
attended by the District Polio Control Room (DPCR) focal
persons from critical districts of the country. Dr. Rana
Muhammad Safdar, National Coordinator for Polio eradication,
65 N-STOP officers, national leads of WHO and
UNICEF, Resident Advisor FELTP.
The N-STOP is a collaborative initiative of the
Government of Pakistan, FELTP, World Health Organization
(WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC), Atlanta.
The programme trains and deploys Government Public
Health Officers in critical Polio districts to serve as
key technical support persons with the Deputy Commissioners.