Senate’s foundation day to be observed on Saturday


ISLAMABAD, Aug 5 (APP): The 44th foundation day of Senate of Pakistan will be observed on Saturday as on the 6th of August 1973, founding fathers of Senate took oath of Office.

A Special session of the Upper House was held at the Parliament House in Islamabad on Friday to mark the day. Since the foundation of senate, several bills and resolutions have been passed.

During the 251st session on Friday, tributes were paid to the founding fathers of Senate and the Upper House also adopted a resolution unanimously, expressing resolve to
continue struggle for enhancement of its role and powers in order to make Pakistan a true federation as envisaged by the Constitution of 1973.

In connection with the celebrations of the foundation day of the Senate, an inter-provincial seminar will be held here on August 6 (Saturday). Books prepared by Senate Secretariat
will also be launched.