Senate’s Committee of Whole may discuss performance of military courts


ISLAMABAD, March 28 (APP): Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani on Tuesday announced that the Senate’s Committee of the Whole would have the mandate to discuss performance of military courts.
He said the Committee of the Whole constituted already to discuss the matters pertaining to foreign policy and national security would now also have the mandate to discuss the affairs of the military courts.
Since the members during discussion on the 28th constitutional amendment bill had frequently talked of a parliamentary body to have an overview on working of institutions in the purview of 28th amendment, Finance Minister Ishaq Dar had proposed to constitute a special committee of the House or to occasionally have in camera sessions for the purpose.
However, the Chairman announced that instead of constituting any special committee of the House for the purpose, the matter should be placed under the purview of Committee of the Whole.
Meanwhile, the Chairman also stated on a point of personal explanation that he had decided to chair the sitting due to constitutional obligations.