Senate condemns Modi’s statement about Pakistan


ISLAMABAD Jan 16 (APP): The Senate on Monday strongly condemned the statement of Indian Prime Minister Naredra Modi about attributing terrorism to Pakistan and reiterated there will be no compromise on defense and sovereignty of the country.
The House unanimously adopted a resolution to send a strong message of national integrity to India and condemned Modi’s statement of attributing terrorism to Pakistan and drawing a parallel between India and Israel evoking a parallel Kashmir and Palestine during the recently held BRICS summit in Goa, India.
The resolution was moved to the House by Senator Sehar Kamran.
The House also appreciated the reaction of international community to this baseless propaganda by the Indian Prime Minister.
The Senate also expressed belief that the statement made by the Indian Prime Minister was an effort to divert the attention of the international community from the Indian atrocities against the people of Indian occupied Kashmir.
“There will be no compromise on sovereignty and defense of Pakistan and its resolve to fight against terrorism and contribute towards bringing peace and harmony in the region,”, the Upper House reiterated.