Senate body for devising alternative strategy to counter Indian water blocking threats

Senate body for devising alternative strategy to counter Indian water blocking threats

ISLAMABAD, Sep 29 (APP): The Water and Power Ministry on Thursday was asked to make alternative strategy to counter  Pakistan’s water blocking threats of India.

Senate Standing Committee on Water and Power directed
the ministry to devise an alternative plan to cope with the
situation if India abrogates Indus Waters Treaty.

The committee meeting chaired by Senator Sardar Yaqoob
Khan Nasir, also directed the ministry to set up a dedicated
research wing for research on repercussions of the unilateral
abrogation of Indus Waters Treaty and suggesting alternative
or improvements in the Treaty.

It directed the ministry to ink water distribution  accord with Afghanistan as India was planning water reservoirs  to block entry of water to Pakistan from Afghanistan.

Senator Taj Haider said international laws have been
violated in Indus Waters Treaty and flaw in the Treaty must
be rectified.

Briefing the committee, the officials of Water and Power
Ministry told that Pakistan was contemplating to go to court
of arbitration on the issues of Ratle Hydropower Project and
Kishanganga projects.

The officials of the ministry, IRSA, IWT told the committee
that India does not have the infrastructure to block Pakistan’s water.

The average flow of water to downstream Pakistan is almost
same as it was in 1960 before the inking of Indus Waters Treaty.

Right now India can manipulate 94,309 acre feet water of
Chanab out of a total of 20.25 million acre feet water of the
river, he added.

The committee was told that India may be able to manipulate Pakistani share of water after some years, especially at river Chenab.

The Foreign Ministry representative told the committee
that India has not formally conveyed Pakistan that the water
of Pakistan is being blocked. Such threats have appeared only  in newspapers, he added.

He said India can block water of Chenab river to Pakistan
for 20 to 22 days in winter that too by closing down their power  generation plants, which will be difficult for them to close.

State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali said
World Bank has offered to help inking water distribution
accord with Afghanistan.

He urged the political leadership to evolve consensus on
constructing water reservoirs in the country as precious water  is being wasted.