SECP’s awareness drive for the NHA employees


ISLAMABAD, Apr 22 (APP): As part of its Investor Education
Program `Jamapunji’, the Securities and Exchange Commission of
Pakistan (SECP) conducted an investor awareness session for the
employees of the National Highway Authority (NHA) at their office.
The session was conducted by the officials of Investor
Education and International Relations Department, according to a
statement issued here by the Commission.
The SECP officials steered a two-hours interactive session
with NHA employees.
In the earlier part of the session the discussion focused on
the SECP’s role as the apex regulator of non-banking financial
sector and its vision for protection of investors.
Subsequently, a detailed interactive discussion focused on the
need for savings and investments, mutual funds and voluntary pension
system and some do’s and don’ts for investors etc.
The participants were also informed about the salient features
of Jamapunji web portal, the SECP’s value added SMS services and
service desk facility.
The seminar was attended by large number of employees who
keenly enquired about various aspects of mutual funds and voluntary
pension systems.
The SECP’s representative outlined the broad-spectrum
initiative of its “Jamapunji” campaign, the purpose of which is to
create informed and aware investors to partake in the capital market
The speaker highlighted the importance of an inclusive
financial plan for a peaceful future.
The employees took advantage of the opportunity and enquired
about various other financial issues pertaining to their personal
and professional endeavors.
During the session a full set of guidebooks were also
distributed among the participants for their information and future
In the end, the participants engaged in the question and
answer session actively and thanks the SECP for this initiative.
They specifically highlighted the need for spreading financial
literacy among the masses, particularly among the salaried class so
that they are be able to plan a sound financial future.
They also stressed the need for more activities of this nature
in collaboration with the SECP.