SECP to continue its enforcement drive against lawbreakers


ISLAMABAD, June 18 (APP): Over the last couple of years, the
Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has
successfully implemented legal and administrative reforms to
strengthen its regulatory ambit.
The reforms undertaken during last two years were aimed at
developing capital markets, promoting corporatization and protecting
the interests of investors, an SECP statement said here on Sunday.
With a strengthened regulatory framework, the SECP launched an
aggressive campaign against perpetrators of manipulation schemes,
insider traders and violators of regulatory principles.
In a vigilant supervision and surveillance environment,
enforcement actions were taken against the lawbreakers and a number
of criminal complaints were filed in the court of law.
The aggressive action has turned many of them against SECP.
Such desperate elements have started a malicious campaign
against the Commission and its officers by using multiple
communication channels such as email, social media and electronic
and print media.
The objective of this baseless propaganda drive is to tarnish
the image of this apex regulator and to slow down its merciless
drive against these fraudulent and criminal elements.
The SECP would like to reiterate its unflinching resolve and
commitment to continue its enforcement drive vigorously and would
not succumb to the pressure of such elements and the enforcement
drive of the SECP will continue unabated without any let-up.