SECP creates email account for mandatory transmission of financial statements


ISLAMABAD, Dec 10 (APP): The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) has designated an email account:, for submission of quarterly accounts by shareholders in PDF, MS word as well as MS Excel formats.
In order to facilitate listed companies and to cut the cost of doing
business, the 2016 Companies Ordinance has allowed transmission of quarterly accounts to the shareholders by placing them on their websites, said SECP press statement issued here Saturday.
In line with the same principle, submission of quarterly accounts to
the SECP could also be done electronically.
Similarly, a copy of annual audited financial statements of listed
companies are to be sent electronically on the same designated email address both in PDF and MS word/excel formats.
Electronic submission of annual accounts is in addition to submission
of three hard copies to the SECP as required by ordinance.
The provisions regarding electronic transmission of annual and
quarterly financial statement to the SECP are in line with one of the main objectives of the ordinance that is encouraging use of technology and electronic means in conduct of business and regulation thereof.
The aforesaid email address has been disseminated among all relevant
quarters through circular No. 39/2016. The circular has been placed on the SECP’s website.