Second round of “Noor Student Competition” concluded

ISLAMABAD, Aug 23 (APP): The second round of “Noor Student
Competition” of Prof. Ying’s Recognition concluded on Wednesday.
The deadline for submissions of scientific works and videos to the
2017 Noor Student Competition Recognition of Prof. Jackie Ying has ended, said a press release.
Over 5,000 students has participated in this competition by production
and sending about 2000 short films, MSTF Media reported.
In order to identify students’ strengths and talents, fostering them
and developing new perspectives in student communities as well as promoting
scientific cooperation between educational centers, Noor Student Competition
launched its work in early December last year.
The student groups could take part in this challenge, by sending
60-second films of their scientific experiments in all fields of science including physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and astronomy.
One of the distinctive features of the second round of Noor Student
Competition compared with previous year, was participating other regional
countries such as Schools from Afghanistan and Pakistan in the competition.
In this round, students should have sent their works and science
experiments to the Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) with in 7 months which was ended by 21st of June 2017.
In this period, 5,110 students in the form of 2,194 groups registered
and 1,193 videos were sent to the Foundation.
The most important selection criteria based on the creativity and
attractiveness of the received science videos. Praising and applauding the 100 top selected works, broadcasting them on a weekly TV program, as well asgranting laboratory and science equipment to the selected schools and research centers are among the prizes being awarded.
It is worth noting that the laureates of “Noor Student Competition”, will be honored for their achievements in the closing ceremony of the event which will be held on September, 2017.