SDO writes a letter to CDA for vacating state land at Lakhwal


ISLAMABAD, June 11 (APP): Irrigation Department’s Small Dams
Organisation (SDO) has written a letter to Capital Development
Authority (CDA) for vacating state land form illegal occupants at
Rawal lake mouza Lakhwal.
According to the letter the government land being occupied
illegally by the encraocher through construction of two illegal
houses in khasra no 350 of mouza lakhwal.
The owner of these houses was abusing and threatening the
field staff of SDO and an FIR has also been lodges against him in
Police Station Secretariat.
But the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has reportedly
failed to vacate the state land from local encroachers at Rawal lake
mouza Lakhwal.
Construction is banned within a two kilometer radius of the
Rawal Dam area, but in the absence of regulation, a number of houses
have been built illegally near the bank of the dam.
Locals who have built these houses claimed that the land
belonged to them and large portion of the CDA’s land in near
Banigala was also in the possession of the locals.
According to a document available to this scribe,
Irrigation Department’s Small Dams Organisation (SDO) has recently
written a letter to CDA seeking help for vacation of state land from
encroachers but no action has been taken yet.
The dam was located in Mauza Lakhwal, which was acquired by
the CDA and the Rawalpindi acquisition collector.
However, a local claimed that Rawalpindi and the CDA did not
acquire all the land, and 419 kanals remained un acquired where the
locals had the right to construct buildings.
The survey conducted by the Capital Development Authority
(CDA) revealed that the civic agency had leased out over 60 acres of
land in the Lake View Park area to various commercial parties on
nominal rates.