SC seeks report on pollution in federal capital, within five days


ISLAMABAD, Sep 14 (APP):Supreme Court Friday directed Director General (DG) of Pakistan Environment Protection Agency (EPA), Farzana Altaf Shah to submit a report on pollution caused by industrial units in federal capital within five days.
A three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan, Saqib Nisar heard sou moto notice taking on the environmental pollution in the federal capital.
During the course of proceedings, the Chief Justice asked the DG EPA, what steps had been taken to curb industrial pollution yet by the department.
DG EPA replying to the CJ, said no steps had been taken to stop industrial pollution as we were not even allowed to conduct an inspection by the mill owners.
The Chief Justice expressed annoyance and said that “Mill owners do not know about the power of the top court”.
The Court would take Rs. 5 millions from mill owners as security so they could not play with the lives of people by spreading pollution, the CJ remarked.
“Those who have not submitted the security deposit will have to pay 8 per cent markup on security, which will be put into the dam fund.” the CJ added.
Subsequently, the bench while directing to conduct an inspection of the industrial units and factories, adjourned further hearing of the case till September 24.
The bech also sought details on the number of active industrial units and a count of factories and mills where measures have not yet been taken to curb pollution.
Detailed report was sought so that the situation could become clear, the CJ maintained.