Sarfraz calls on Chairman OPF

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ISLAMABAD, Sep 9 (APP): Former test cricketer Sarfraz Nawaz
called on the Chairman OPF Board of Governors Barrister Amjad Malik
at his chambers in Rochdale.
Both discussed the `talent hunt’ and sports opportunities for
overseas Pakistanis and their children and ways and means to promote
sports amongst Diaspora and encourage them to participate and create
opportunities to find and polish such talent in football, cricket
and other sports, said a press release issued here.
Chairman explored the possibilities of encouraging talent,
utilise the facilities of Pakistan Cricket Board and provide summer
holidays camps and friendly matches for the children of overseas
It was observed that there are over 1.2 million overseas
Pakistanis in UK and majority hail from Azad Kashmir and Mirpur
cricket stadium is state of the art facility and it must be used to
encourage young minds to promote and nourish their talents and
polish the natural skill. These initiatives will help to curtail
crime rate, radicalisation, unbridled strength and extreme views
amongst growing youth.
Chairman confirm that he will speak to Pakistani Govt, High
Commission, coach and stars on the subject who had County Cricket
experience in UK and soon further meaningful actions will be
proposed to Board of Governors to kick start a memorandum of
understanding between OPF and PCB to promote sports amongst our
youngsters in overseas, an international friendly match and coaching
classes to start with.
Sarfraz appreciated the idea of sports promotion amongst overseas
and offered his unconditional cooperation to OPF in this pursuit.
Star Cricketer was acknowledged by the Chairman Board of Governors
for his services to the promotion of sports and talent in UK and
Pakistan with a shield of OPF.