Saqib and Yousaf win doubles title National jr ranking tennis


LAHORE, Feb 10 (APP)- Saqib Omer and Yousaf Khan won the U18 doubles title of the first Aithcison National junior ranking tennis championship defeating Asad Ullah and Mohammad Shoaib 0-6,6-3,10-7 in the final here on Friday at Aithison college courts.
Saqib and Yousaf seemed sluggish and out of touch in the first part the game by losing the set without any resistance ,falling like a house of sand.
The loss served them a big lesson and they appeared master of the game in the coming two sets showing their class and touch a variety of shots for the entertainment of a handful
crowd. Their aggressive approach and lovely coordination left Asaf and Shoaib struggling and shattered their dreams to further extend the match.
Yousaf Khan scored an easy straight set win over Aqib Omer 6-3,6-1 and Asad ullah beat Saqib Omer 2-6,6-2,6-4 and both breezed into the final of the U18 singles.
Yousaf outplayed Aqib in all departments of the game with his fast paced strokes to up and down the court .He was also quick to cut down rallies with his agility and accurate
placing in deep parts of the court.
In the second semi final Asad demonstrated greater recovery after losing the opening set to Saqib whom he kept under persistent pressure with sizzling shots and dazzling serves.
He came out with flying colours after stamping supremacy in the next two sets to win the match.
In the U16 semi final Muhammad Shoaib outstroked Mustafa Ali 6-2,4-1 with a display of high quality tennis and stamina.
Nalain Abbas defeated Shimza Tahir 6-1,6-1 and Zalan Khan beat Faizan Fayyaz 6-4,6-1 to qualify for the final of U14 final.
In the U12 semi finals, AbdulHanan Khan overpowered Shaeel Tahir 8-2 and Kashan Omer outclassed Bilal Asim 8-3 to move in the final.
Ahtesham Humayun outpaced Ali Jawad 8-0 and Abu Bakar Talha outshone Shayan Waqas 8-1 to set up a clash in the final of U10.
In the girls U18 semi final Esha Jawad beat Maha Said 6-2,6-2. All the finals will be played tomorrow, Saturday.