Salient features of sector wise relief in budget 2017-18


ISLAMABAD, May 27 (APP): Following are the salient features of sector-wise relief announced in the national budget for fiscal year 2017-18:
Tariff Rationalization:
• CD rate on bituminous coal and other coal equalized @5%. However, for the power projects in IPPs Mode, CD on import of both types of coal reduced to 3%.
• Separate PCT code for compressors of vehicle @ 35% CD created.
• Separate PCT code for classification of electric cigarettes created at 20% CD.
• RD @ 10% levied on animal protein meals

Revenue Measures:
• RD levied/increased on 565 non-essential items by various rates ranging from 5% to 15%.
• CD @ Rs 225 per set converted into RD@250 per set on mobile phones.
• CD @ 11% and 16% exempted and instead RD at uniform rate of 9% levied on the telecom equipment.
• RD on betel nuts increased from 10% to 25% while RD @ Rs 200/kg levied on betel leaves.
• Concession in duty/taxes on hybrid Electric Vehicles above 2500 cc withdrawn.