Saira Peter to bring unique genre of Sufi Opera to federal capital


ISLAMABAD Sept 17 (APP): Pakistan’s only operatic voice Saira
Peter is planning to bring her unique genre of Sufi Opera to the
federal capital in the month October.
Talking to APP, she said “I have performed in many countries
of the world but there is nothing like coming home”. She said that
the love of the people and country is the greatest inspiration for
Karachi-born singer lived in London for the last many years.
She got training as an opera singer from Paul Knight, a student
of English Composer and legend Western classical music Benjamin Britten.
She said that feeling proud to have trained under Paul Knight.
Saira Peter is the first Pakistani singer who released her album
of Sufi Poetry in Opera.
Her form of music is truly unique, combining Western and
Eastern traditions and instruments. Usually Sufi Poetry is only
accompanied by Eastern instruments and but adapting it to the
operatic style is a beautiful art work.
The recently launched national song “Aye Sar Zameen by
Opera Star is receiving overwhelming response on social media
and from patriotic citizens across the country and abroad.
She launched the most wonderful National song in gratitude
to her beautiful home country Pakistan. In her song, she paid a
glowing tribute to the people and places which appear in the
music video, speaking hope and a future for Pakistan with their
smiles and their natural glory. She surprised the audience with
her unique style and the way she combined melodies with
inspiring lyrics.
“She is an example to many as a singer, composer, scholar and humanitarian worker, showing other young Pakistani women it is
definitely possible to succeed and live an excellent, praiseworthy
life,” he music Director Sada Bahar said.
Saira also gave her performance of this new National song
“Aye Sar Zameen” at the High Commission of Pakistan in London on
August 14, the Independence Day.
Saira Peter spent many years perfecting this tune and these
lyrics, having started with some of the notes seven years ago.
The way it portrays people of many different backgrounds,
ages, faiths and professions will stir your soul and lift your
spirit, reminding you of all that this country has to be proud of.