ISLAMABAD, Feb 18 (APP):SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Monday termed Saudi Arab’s investment  packages for Pakistan, a timely and great opportunity for economic uplift of the country,  and urged the Saudi investors and businessmen for generously investing in different sectors  as it was safe haven for foreign investment.

Talking in a Business to Saudi Business meeting, Senior Vice President SAARC CCI  said the Saudi investment in Pakistan would enhance opportunities for the merchants of  both sides, which would subsequently boost bilateral trade between the two countries.

He also acknowledged the steady support extended by Saudi Arabia to Pakistan  in these difficult times and said there was an urgent need to strengthen the bilateral  relations on the trade front too.

He said there is great potential of foreign investment in Pakistan and owing to  government’s investors friendly policies, foreign investment was pouring into the  country.

He said Pakistan was cheaper country with regard of human resources and
labour and if Saudi Arab invests in Pakistan, it would get maximal benefit.
He said there was dire need of exchanging trade delegations between both
the countries and the governments of both the countries should announce free  business visas for the business communities.

Iftikhar Malik suggested that the Saudi Arab should also announce special
incentive package for those Pakistani investors and businessmen who were  interested to invest in Saudi Arabia.

He said Saudi Arabia has always stood with Pakistan in difficult times and
the Pakistani government and the business community highly acknowledged it.

He also viewed the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan and his
commitment of ensuring transparency in Pakistan were the reasons behind  much ambitious foreign investment in the country from the brotherly countries.