Saad Rafiq censures key opposition parties for their continued rhetoric against government

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ISLAMABAD June 07 (APP): Minister for Railways Khawaja Saad Rafiq on Wednesday censured key opposition parties for their continued rhetoric against the government and Pakistan Muslim League leadership.
Speaking on a point of order in National Assembly, the minister replied to almost all of oratory of both the parties during recent days within the Parliament and outside.
“This shows your sincerity to masses that you are boycotting the House proceedings only because that you were not telecast live in your budget speech,” he said with regards to Leader of the Opposition Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah.

“Budget is a national document that provides opportunity to speak on masses problems. But, these politicians prefer to keep aloof. Surely because, they had nothing in the budget to criticize,” he added.
He took strong exception of the statement by PPPP Leadership and Imran Khan and said, seriousness of both the leaders is evident from the attitude of their parties as they are left with no other task then to blame others for sins not committed by them.
Imran Khan is living in fool’s paradise and is endeavoring to create a new Pakistan by gathering together the rubble and residue of other parties,” Saad Rafiq said.
Saad Rafique said, he had himself went to Khursheed Shah, Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Sirjul Haq with the proposal of smoother conduct of joint sitting and the government would ensure live coverage. “But, if you resort to indecent attitude during the Presidential address to joint sitting then what is guarantee that your will not making this parliament a laughing stock”.
He said, “it is shame for Imran Khan that he is drawing all salaries and allowances despite that he came to house only twice. Is this the service you are doing to democracy and the people of Pakistan, if you do not want to attend the session then why you draw salaries and allowances”.
With reference to statement of the Opposition leader about Shahbaz Sharif’s statement, the minister said, freedom of expression is for everybody. “What CM Punjab has stated is right and justified. How come that people continue shameful propaganda against our leaders and they cannot even respond”.
He said it seems that whole of the opposition has been made hostage by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf and the PPPP is making last ditch efforts to sustain its existing no matter even if it has to sacrifice the standards of political morality.
“It is strange that PPPP is taking the back seat of a party who had obliterated the democratic norms and political sagacity in the country,” he said with special reference to attitude of Imran Khan and his party.
“He is playing with fire. He is ruining moral values of our youth and unfortunately PPPP has also started toeing his line just to sustain in politics”, Saad said.
He added that those falsely blaming PML-N for storming Supreme Court had forgotten their adventure against the Pakistan television and the Parliament. It were you trampled down all ethics, stormed the Parliament and PTV, hampered the visits of Chinese President and Ameer-e-Qatar.
“It is all what PTI has in its basket to sell during next general elections. But, it is mistaken that hollow slogans, shameful mud slinging and sheer rubble gathered from other political parties would not enough to win the next election,” he said.
“People see the development, they see the service and they see the vision, and we have given them all. But, you know no ethics neither you regretted nor you apologized from the nation for all you have been doing”.
He said it was the PML-N who waged struggle for the rights of judiciary but does it means that we cannot demand justice to be done.
“How come that the leaders who have been describing Bhutto’s verdict as judicial murder and Gilani’s punishment as an injustice”.

Khawaja Saad Rafiq said that Imran Khan had targeted almost all the institutions. He attacked parliament house and the state television and also set up tent-residences before the parliament.
He said that Imran Khan had opened up a dry-clean shop where every dirty politician is cleaned and included in the party, and he wanted to establish New Pakistan with their support.
He said that PML-N had also included other people in the party, but they were clean.
He said that Pakistan Muslim was having long history of politics and questioned if Imran Khan was disqualified, where would he go?
Saad Rafiq said both the parties, PPP and PTI actually fear democracy as they see that Nawaz Sharif had done great service for the people of Pakistan and they would again chose him in the upcoming elections.
He said that Nawaz Sharif remained victim of injustice and attempts were made to defame him always.
He said that earlier it was PTI and PPP who had objection on Joint Investigation Team but later when the PML-N showed reservations, both the parties stood with JIT.