Rs. 7 billion allocates for communication


QUETTA, June 15 (APP): An amount of Rs 7 billion was allocated for 355
schemes of which 125 are new and 230 are ongoing.
A total of 355 schemes are communication and work sector has been listed
in the budget documents. Out of these 230 are ongoing projects.
A sum of Rs 626 million has been advised for master plan under the park
was completed at Civil Secretariat Quetta and remaining project after completion will provide facilities to the masses.
About Rs. 90 million have been allocated for construction of museum at
Jinnah Road and provincial library.
Over 1200 km Black Top Road had been completed during 2016-17 and rest
of Black Top Road work of fund was allocated during budget 2017-18.
The Construction of Flyover Koila Phatak Quetta is going to complete
which reduce traffic problem in the City.