Rs. 7.89 million allocated for Human Rights beneficiaries in last four years

ISLAMABAD, May 25 (APP):The federal government has allocated Rs 7.89 million on the financial assistance of 596 beneficiaries under Human Rights ministry during the last four fiscal years.

According to an official statement, the funds have been operationalized to provide financial assistance to the victims and affectees of human rights violation including kidnapping, rape, police encounters, arrest of women, extra judicial deaths and tortures.

The regional directors of Ministry of Human Rights in provinces with collaboration of different NGOs were working to collect required data and applications of victims to support their families with providing 10,000 to 20,000 amount

The Human Right ministry under the PTI-led government was also committed to facilitate the deserving families of victims with maximum support.

Official statement also said, the government would also take all necessary legal and administrative steps including appropriate changes in the existing Laws and it has also been effectively providing financial assistance to victims of Human Rights violations in the form of Human rights relief and revolving funds, Arsh and Daman Funds.