Rs 42900 mln allocated for 37 projects of Railways


ISLAMABAD, May 26 (APP): The federal government has allocated Rs 42900 million for 37 ongoing and new projects of Railways Division under the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the financial year 2017-18.
Under the PSDP, Rs 33535.239 million have been allocated for 31 ongoing schemes.
The allocations for ongoing schemes include Rs 5000 million for acquisition of land for Railway Container Yard, Station and Railway line from Sea Port upto Coastal Highway at Gwadar, Rs 50 million for China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Support Project at Ministry of Railways, Rs 82 million for Comprehensive Feasibility Study for Upgradation, Rehabilitation of Mainline 1 and New Dry Port at Havelian (Balder) District Haripur under China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), Rs 113.198 million for construction of staff quarters, Rs 814 million for doubling of tract from Khanewal to Raiwind, Rs 123.921 million for doubling and improvement of existing tract from Port Qasim to Bin Qasim Station, Rs 100 million for feasibility studies, Rs 1758.543 million for mechanization of tract maintenance (pilot project), Rs 32.609 million for PC-II for Feasibility Study to connect Gwadar with Karachi and feasibility study from Gwadar to Basima and from Basima to Jacobabad via Khuzdar (CPEC), Rs 7141.634 million for preliminary design and drawings for upgradation and rehabilitation of Main Line and establishment of Dry Port near Havelian under the CPEC and hiring of design and drawings vetting consultants, Rs 825 million for procurement and manufacture of 75 new diesel electric locomotives, Rs one million for procurement of 150 diesel electric locomotives, Rs 272.065 for procurement of equipment for improved security and anti-terrorism measures, Rs 1781 million for procurement and manufacture of 585 Hopper Wagons and 20 Bogle Brake vans for coal transportation, Rs 400 million for procurement and manufacture of 780 high capacity Bogle Hopper Wagons and 20 Bogle Brake vans for coal transportation (PH-1), Rs 330.512 million for Project Management Unit (PMU) in Ministry of Railways, Rs 1052.882 million for reconstruction of assets damaged during the floods of 2010 and Rs 1300 million for rehabilitation and extension of CSF at Khanewal and Sukkur.
Other allocations include Rs 43.678 million for rehabilitation of 27 HGMU-30 Class Diesel Electric Locomotives, Rs 1686 million for rehabilitation of 200 traction motors, Rs 850 million for rehabilitation of Railway Assets damaged in Sindh during riots of 27-28 December, 2007 followed by assassination of Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto, Rs 441 million for rehabilitation of rolling stock and tract, Rs 554.505 million for renovation and upgradation of major railway stations, Rs 331 million for reopening of rail car from Kohat to Rawalpindi on experimental basis, Rs 3283.725 million for replacement of old and obsolete signal gear from Lodhran, Khanewal and Shahdara Bagh mainline section of Pakistan Railways, Rs 2026.946 million for special repair of 100 diesel electric locomotives, Rs 400 million for special repair of 800 coaches and 2000 wagons, Rs 10 million for strengthening of Planning Directorate, Ministry of Railways, Islamabad, Rs 1900 million for track rehabilitation on Khanpur-Lodhran section, Rs 385.292 million for upgradation of railway stations to attract Sikh Tourism at Hassan Abdal, Nankana Sahib and Narowal and Rs 444.729 million for upgradation of terminal facilities and dry ports.
Under the PSDP, Rs 9364.761 million have been allocated for six new schemes.
The new allocations include Rs 400 million for acquisition of land for Gwadar connectivity, Rs one million for feasibility study for rail link from Havelian to Pakistan China border (682 km) under CPEC, Rs 198 million for feasibility study for upgradation and extension of ML-III in connection with CPEC, Rs 7596.761 million for procurement and manufacture of 830 high capacity bogle freight wagons and 250 passenger coaches, Rs 432 million for rehabilitation and upgradation of ML-I including acquisition of land for new Dry Port at Buldhair, district Haripur (CPEC) and Rs 737 million for upgradation of VHF Communication system for Operational Staff.