Rs 188 bln to be spent on construction of roads, highways, bridges


ISLAMABAD, June 03 (APP): Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar Friday said that the government had allocated Rs 188 billion for construction of roads, highways and bridges in the current financial year 2016 17.

Unveiling budget 2016 17, the finance minister said there was need to invest in communication infrastructure in order to exploit the natural advantage of Pakistan’s geography and translate it into economic gains.

He said, the government was giving priority to completion of Lahore Karachi motorway which would change the fate of the country.

He said, it would provide jobs, farm to road connectivity and economic growth in the country.

He said, Rs 34 billion had been allocated for Lahore Abdul Hakeem section which was about 230 km long.
Similarly, he added, an allocation of Rs 19 billion had been provided for Multan Sukkur section which was 387 kilometres, whereas to complete the Sukkur Hyderabad section Rs 2.5 billion had been allocated in the PSDP, adding that this project was being executed in collaboration with private sector.

Besides other projects, he added, Burhan Hakla would be allocated Rs 22 billion which would usher in socio economic development of the area.