Rs 150 m allocated for capacity building of people on HR issue


ISLAMABAD, June 3 (APP): The government has allocated an amount of Rs 150 million for the ‘Establishment of National Institute of Human Rights at Islamabad’, a first ever government department to sensitize people on Human Rights issues.
The budgetary document for the fiscal year 2016-17, issued here on Friday, revealed that a total amount of Rs 170 million was allocated for the Ministry of Human Rights (MOHR) for two projects.
The projects included a new scheme of ‘Establishment of National Institute of Human Rights at Islamabad’ and on-going scheme of ‘Establishment of Helpline for Legal Advice on Human Rights in the Federal Capital.
Talking to APP, an official of Ministry of Human Rights apprised that they are focussing to educate people on HR issues so that they can raise their voice for any HR violation and ensure their fundamental, social, political, educational, economic, rights etc.
He said that there was a dire need felt for impart training among the officials of government, semi-government and private organization to addressed the grievances of masses appropriately within least possible time.
He further informed that Pakistan is signatory of a number of international treaties and conventions for protecting HR of people without any discrimination.
This institute would trained the concerned authorities to deal with victims respectfully, guide and facilitate them to follow legal procedure to redress their grievances and ensure their rights at their door step.
Under the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP), Rs. 20 million was earmarked for the one on-going scheme of ‘Establishment of Helpline for Legal Advice on Human Rights, Islamabad started in May 2015, a step towards safeguarding the human rights and provision of justice to masses.
The toll free helpline 1099 which is currently functional from 0800 hours to 2200 hours where trained law officers register their complains of people, guide them the right channel to approach, provide them legal assistance and follow the complain through a monitoring mechanism until its redressal.
A fist ever wide scale National Action Plan for securing human rights of people was also initiated in the country last year with an allocation of Rs. 700 million which covers all the HR areas specifically.