ISLAMABAD, Feb 25 (APP): Minister for Interior Ch. Nisar Ali Khan Saturday urged the media to play its vital role in uniting the nation to fight the physiological war against terrorism.
He said that same spirit and determination is needed again today to highlight the voice of people which media demonstrated by rejecting violent statements of terrorists issued after APS incident.
Ch. Nisar said that media highlighted the spirit and high morale of people at that time which is needed to be projected again today. He said that war against terrorism is our collectively responsibility and any politics or personal gains on this issue tantamount to treason with the nation.
He stated this while addressing the delegation of representatives of Pakistan Broadcasting Association, All Pakistan Newspaper Society and Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors.
He said that terrorists wanted to demoralize the nation but we have to defeat the designs of anti-state elements, adding the media has the key role in this connection.
He said that media should not only discourage the agenda of misleading based on violence but also to highlight the real national identity and narrative so that we could also win psychological war at the end of operational war.
Paying tributes to the role and cooperation of media in the ongoing war against terrorism, he said media had always guided the state and government in every field of life and on every important issue.
He said where the analysis and criticism of media pin point the shortcomings, it also help to form a joint strategy and consensus on important national issues.
He said the war against terror had reached to an important point and at this critical point the nation would get united and terrorists would be defeated by highlighting national resolve against terrorism.
Talking about terrorism in the country, the minister said through our collective efforts, there had been a clear decline in the graph of terrorism in the last three and a half years.
He said in June 2013, five to six bomb blasts were a routine on daily basis but now an untoward incident did not happen even in weeks.
He said if a comparison was made between 2013 and 2016, then there was a clear betterment in the situation, adding the credit of it should not be given to any single institution, government or individual but it was the result of collective efforts of all.
In the same way, to make responsible any single person, institution or government for any lapse or shortcoming in this regard was also not appropriate, he added.
He said being the interior minister he neither did politics on the issue of terrorism, nor criticized or made responsible any single person on the issue because he thinks that it was the biggest sin and an injustice with the country and nation to do politics on terrorism.
He said he had responded to the allegations of opposition for the first time on Sehwan incident.
Interior Minister said that spirit and determination shown by media in making public opinion against terrorism and towards best national interest should be carried forward.
Later, representatives of media organizations talking on various aspects of terrorism as well as national issues,reaffirmed that responsible media of the country would continue its work with national spirit. It was also assured that media will continue guiding the government and state on important issues.
In the end, State Minister for Information and Broadcasting thanked all participants for attending the meeting. The meeting was attended among others by Parliamentary Secretary Dr. Muhammad Afzal Khan Dhandla, PIO Rao Tehseen Ali Khan and other senior officials.
The delegation of media organizations included Sarmad Ali,
Mian Aamir Mehmud, Shakeel Masood, Ejaz ul Haq, Mehtab Khan, Umer
Mujeeb Shami, Shaheen Qureshi, Tahir Farooq, Abdul Basit, Ramiza Nizami, Shahab
Zuberi, Tahir Farooqi and Kazim Khan.
Senior Journalists Mujeeb ur Rehman Shami and Arif Nizami also attended the