‘Right to Information’ makes Govt organizations accountable to people

'Right to Information' makes Govt organizations accountable to people

ISLAMABAD, May 4 (APP): The ‘Right to Information’ gives
people a wide choice to get information from any government
organization, particularly the journalists can use it for
investigative stories and for playing an effective role as
watchdog of the society.

It also gives an extensive option to journalists and
mass communications students to take information from any
public organization for their professional requirements.

This was the main theme of speakers at a seminar on
“Using Right to Information Laws for Investigative Reporting
in Pakistan” in connection with World Press Freedom Day,
organized by Preston University Islamabad.

Managing Director Associated Press of Pakistan (APP)
Masood Malik, addressing the seminar, said that APP was not
only sharing information but also engaged in educating people
on the issue.