KALLAR SYEDAN, (Rawalpindi), June 4 (APP): Minister for Interior, Chaudary Nisar Ali Khan, seeking cooperation of people in reverification of Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) process, on Saturday said that no one would be asked to come NADRA office for this purpose to save people from unnecessary botheration.

“The reverification of CNICs is a national duty. I am
committed that there can be no compromise on security of the country as well as nation and I would complete the task as earlier re-verification of mobile phone SIMs was also done through biometric system successfully,” he told media-persons here.

The Minister said a mechanism was being developed to provide ease to people in the reverification of CNICs process and added only suspected CNICs holders would be called to National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) office to clear their position.

Replying to a question, the Minister said there may be some flaws in the system but improvement has been made in recent years in NADRA. He said there is no place for corrupt persons in NADRA and added country suffers heavily if there is any corruption in such vital institutions.

Giving statistics related to CNIC that were cancelled on basis of security purposes ever since he assumed office as the Interior Minister, Nisar said in 2011 only 26 Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) were cancelled, 493 in 2012, 6062 in 2013, 22,361 in 2014, 96,689 in 2015 and 1,11,540 CNICs were cancelled during first five months of this year.

He said 614 employees of NADRA have been sacked upon their involvement in corruption while 65 were also arrested.

Similarly, he said during 2010-2012 only 361 passports were cancelled while figure of cancellation of passports during last two and half years was 29,000. During previous tenures, no body was bothered and no concrete step was taken to curb such an illegal activity.

He said in first phase NADRA would send a family tree to 25 million head of the family, asking them to verify members of their families.

“It is a question of State and I will not refrain from any actions to safeguard its territories. We will carry out re-verification of all identity cards in a time-span of six months while two months will be given to those who have fake identity cards and passports to get them blocked,” he said.

Ch. Nisar said the re-verification of such a huge database of citizens seems difficult but when there is a commitment, nothing is impossible and added that earlier re-verification of mobile phone SIMs was also done through biometric system successfully.

The Minister said he has given two months for holders of fake national identity cards or passports or officials of NADRA and Passport Office who helped issue such documents to reveal information themselves.

He said if they voluntarily reveal or identify fake cards and passports, no action would be taken. Otherwise, legal action would be taken against holder of fake identity card or passport and he could get seven-year imprisonment and officials responsible for issuance of such cards or passports would get fourteen-year of imprisonment.

Ch. Nisar said a reward scheme is also being launched from this month under which those giving information about presence of foreigners with Pakistani identity card or passport would be rewarded Rs. 10,000 for authentic information of per person. A helpline is being established for the purpose, he added.

Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan said National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) is functional and working to combat the menace of terrorism.

He said there is sufficient supply of finance from government to counter terrorism and added a building for NACTA has been acquired which is being renovated and be ready in next few months.

Ch. Nisar said Joint Intelligence Directorate (JID) which is an important component of NACTA, will also become functional.

Responding to a question, the Minister said overall security situation has improved in the country over the last three years and lauded performance of civil-military leadership, political parties and entire nation who turn the tide of terrorism through their will and determination.

The Minister said the Federal Cabinet continues to perform its function in absence of the Prime Minister and nobody can replace the Prime Minister in parliamentary system.

In this regard, he gave precedents of United Kingdom, Canada and India where cabinets work in case of illness, leave or foreign visit of Prime Minister.

He said in parliamentary system Prime Minister is always a Prime Minister and his cabinet works in his absence.

Replying to another question, he termed statement of Chairman, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as “non-serious” and said it is not necessary that every non-serious statement is responded.

“Bilawal is not a child but I think he is politically inept,” Nisar said.

He said to facilitate people, a big hospital would be constructed at Chaklala, Rawalpindi. The land where the hospital would be constructed, was encroached upon but serious efforts were made to evacuate it from land grabbers.

The land has now been leased under government of Punjab, he said and added of the total 800 kanal land, 200 kanal would be used for model graveyard while a stadium would also be constructed.

Ch. Nisar said he has planned to launch within next few months billions of rupees development projects in his constituency.

He also mentioned Rs. 1.5 billion hospital project in Wah which is being constructed to facilitate the local population.