Responded to each, every question asked by JIT: Hussain Nawaz

Responded to each, every question asked by JIT: Hussain Nawaz

ISLAMABAD, June 3 (APP): Hussain Nawaz on Saturday said
that he had responded to each and every question, asked by the
Panama Papers case Joint Investigation Team (JIT) and explained
all the relevant points.
Talking to media after appearing before the JIT fourth
time, he said that accountability was not new for them as his
family had faced accountability during a dictator regime.
Citing plane hijacking case instituted by General (retd)
Pervez Musharraf after coup against Nawaz Sharif, Hussain Nawaz
said that nothing was proved in the case.
He said that during Musharraf’s martial law, they remained
behind bars for 14 months. “If there was any evidence against us,
it would have surfaced during the Musharraf era,” he added.
He said that his father has always obeyed and emphasized
upon the supremacy of the rule of law.
He told journalists that those who thought his family would
shy from accountability, are surely embarassed now.
Hussain said Prime Minister Nawaz has always followed the
law and has never shied away from difficult situation for the
sake of upholding the sanctity of the law.
Responding to a question about London flats, he clarified
that ” there is a narrative, we have presented before the Supreme
Court and we stand by that stance.”
He said that he will appear before the JIT as many times
as is summoned.