Rescue operation for missing climbers called off


ISLAMABAD, Jul 1 (APP): Rescue operation for the two foreign
climbers, missing on the Nanga Parbat peak has been called off as
now they have been presumed dead, officials said on Saturday.
Spanish alpinist Alberto Zerain along with Argentine’s Mariano
Galvan went missing last Saturday while attempting to scale the
8,125 metre peak from the Mazino route.
Muhammad Iqbal, the owner of Summit Karakorum, a tour
operating company that had organized the climb at the treacherous
peak told APP that both the climbers adopted the most difficult
track to ascend Nanga Parbat, also known as the “Killer Mountain.”
“Mazino is the most difficult track and as far as I know so
far only one climber from Slovakia has been able to climb Nanga
Parbat from it,” Iqbal added.
He said the search and rescue operation for the two missing
mountaineers had been called off after their third fellow, who was
present at the base camp and later became part of the rescue team
stated that both were presumed dead now.
“He has been hovering around the mountain in the helicopter
along with the rescue team on early Saturday. He has confirmed that
no signs of life have been spotted on the peak,” he added.
Alpine Club of Pakistan’s spokesman Karrar Haidri said that
they had also been communicated that the search and rescue operation
for the missing climbers had been called off as they were presumed
Alberto and Mariano Galvan were part of the 14-member team of
foreign climbers, who had come last week to ascend Nanga Parbat this
year. However bad weather compelled them to return to base camp and
delay their attempt for a few more days.