WASHIGNTON, Oct. 23 (APP):The ruling Republican candidates are using “bigotry” card and many of them running their campaigns on anti-Muslim sentiments to maintain control of Congress in the mid-term November polls amid fear, Democrats will win back the house, news reports said on Monday.
A Democratic majority in the House of Representatives would mean, President Trump will not have an easy ride in getting approval for his decisions, though he will still have a veto power. Even if gain majority, the Democrats were seen unlikely to win the Senate majority, where bills go and die. Republicans are still favorites to keep control of the Senate.
President Trump is vigorously campaigning in support of his party’s candidates in areas where they were expected to lose or face tough competition from their Democratic opponents. President Barack Obama has taken the baton for Democrats and is campaigning in many states.
The Republicans initially tried to play the issue of tax cuts introduced by President Trump early this, but the fact that these cuts mostly benefited one percent of wealthiest American seems to be not working. They are also trying to play the immigration, an issue that President Trump successfully played in his 2016 presidential win.
According to a report by Muslim Advocates, a civil rights group based in California, dozens of mostly Republican candidates were running campaigns, casting their opponents as national security threats with ties to terrorism.
The “Running on Hate” 2018 pre-election report named 80 candidates for federal, state and local office who have expressed anti-Muslim sentiment, based on advertisements and past rhetoric. Only two of the candidates are not Republican.
“While many factors contribute to election outcomes, the vast majority of anti-Muslim campaigns have ended in failure, even with clearly credible candidates and in places where President Trump is popular,” the report states.
The report analyzed media reports to identify anti-Muslim candidates and also included a survey conducted by a Republican polling firm that found 58 percent of respondents had either no impression of Muslims or a neutral view.
The online news magazine POLITICO quoting the report said that at least 40 candidates for Congress have run anti-Muslim campaigns, out of which twenty-three made it to the general election, though 13 are incumbents.
According to the report, on one non-incumbent, Mark Green is safely projected to win the next month elections. Green was nominated to serve as President Trump’s Army secretary but dropped out of consideration over past comments about Muslims and transgender people.
According to a report by The New York Times, in California, Republican incumbent Rep. Duncan Hunter was running an ad accusing his opponent of being a “radical Muslim” who tried to infiltrate Congress.
His opponent, Ammar Campa-Najja, the Democrat, is an American of Palestinian and Mexican origin, who worked in President Obama’s White House.
In another example, Republican ran an ad in Ohio state against Democrat Aftab Pureval, suggesting that he supported terrorism backed by the late dictator Qaddafi of Libya.
Two of the Muslim Democrats, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota are said to be poised to become the first Muslim women elected to Congress. Both have been attacked by anti-Muslim activists and media outlets, according to the report.