Regulatory Authorities can’t be transferred without CCI approval: Rabbani

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ISLAMABAD, Feb 20 (APP): Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani has ruled that the control of Regulatory Authorities cannot be transferred from one ministry to another ministry without obtaining prior approval from the Council of Common Interests (CCI), in terms of Article 154 of the constitution.
In a ruling about placement of regulatory authorities under the line of ministries announced here Monday, he was of the view that any attempt to bypass CCI in taking such policy decisions was a constitutional violation affecting the rights of the federating units, hence against the spirit of participatory federalism and the schemes of the constitution.
“The powers of the Prime Minister under sub-rule (3), Rules of Business, 1973, remains in force on matters which are exclusively the business of the Federal Government i.e. Federal Legislative List, Par-I, Constitution, 1973,” the ruling said.
The chairman reserved the ruling on the question, whether the issue of placement of Regulator Authorities under their line Ministries was required under Article 154 (1) of the constitution to be placed before the CCI for this decision.