Ramazan is a month of peace, humanity’s welfare: President

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ISLAMABAD, May 16 (APP):President Mamnoon Hussain on Wednesday said Ramazan-ul-Mubarak is a up righteousness in the society, taking inspiration from the blessings of the holy month.
In his message to the nation on the occasion of advent of Ramazan in Pakistan, the President felicitated the Muslims of the world and particularly the Pakistani nation at the advent of the blessed month of Ramazan ul Mubarak.
President Mamnoon said the month provides an opportunity to spread peace and love and also encourage developing the spirit of social justice and equal treatment among the people.
He said the month not only creates realization about the underprivileged people suffering with hunger and thirst, but also focuses on provision of justice at all levels, whether social or non-social and economic or non-economic.
Terming unjust treatment and discrimination a big problem of the country, the President said it is important to remove such imbalances in the society as these create chaos in the society.
He stressed rising above one’s personal interests and not to put at stake the greater interests of country and the Muslim Ummah. He also called for implementing the spirit of Ramazan’s fasting not only in personal but also national life so as to make the country a cradle of peace and prosperity.
The President said the blessed month demands rendering sacrifice for the have-nots of society for a complete submission of self before Allah Almighty.
He expressed confidence that the followers of Islam will share portion of their wealth and resources among the needy people through Zakat, Sadqa and alms, not only within the country but for those who are suffering the horrors of wars, conflicts and hostilities.
President Mamnoon said each religious obligation of Islam is a source of training and analysis of the inner self. However, fasting ensures spiritual enrichment only for the sake of Allah Almighty.
He prayed that may this Ramazan become a source of bringing improvement in the personal lives as well as for the peace and brotherhood among the Muslims of Pakistan and the world.