APP69-03 LAHORE: July 03 - PTI Chairman Imran Khan talking to media persons after visiting the Lakhshami Chowk and GPO Chowk. APP Photo by Mustafa Lashari


LAHORE, Jul 03 (APP):Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said on Tuesday that recent rains exposed Sharif brothers’ tall claims of transforming Lahore into Paris.
Talking to the media prior to his visit to Lakshmi Chowk, GPO Chowk and other areas of city to observe the situation after rains, he said that 57 percent of Rs 635 billion development budget of Punjab had annually been spent on Lahore alone, and “Now I am going to check whether this hefty amount of around Rs 350 billion had been spent on Lahore and this city was really turned into Paris”.
Imran Khan criticized that former Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had used to say that he would also make Peshawar and Karachi as Lahore like Paris, asserting that people had now come to know the reality of hollow claims of the past rulers.
The PTI Chairman said that Sharif brothers had transformed nothing into Paris but their farm houses of Jati Umra, citing
that Sharif family had purchased lands there at lowest price and developed it with people’s tax money instead of spending their
own resources.
To a question, he said that entire KPK development budget was Rs 110 billion and Lahore alone had been getting Rs 350 billion annually, adding that people must know that out this Rs 350 billion, the past ruler had spent on how many public schools up-gradation and how many universities had been established; how many people had been provided clean drinking water. Unlike Lahore, roads and streets of Paris did not submerge in rainwater and it had advanced drainage system. People must also assess the quality of roads and other infrastructures constructed by the past government. Contrary to this, an international university of applied science was being established in Haripur KPK with the collaboration of Autria, he mentioned.
To another question, Imran Khan lamented that it was very unfortunate on the part of past government, which constructed metro bus and orange train projects through loan money and the poor countrymen would payback this loan along with billions of rupees interest for years. He opined that had the past rulers used this money wisely and honestly on the people and infrastructural development, the situation in Lahore would have quite different from that prevailing today.
Responding to a question, Imran Khan claimed that Shehbaz Sharif would not come out to the city as he knew people were fed-up of them.
The past PML-N leadership had spent Rs 40 billion of public money on their own advertisements and they now could hoodwink the innocent and illiterate people only through their hollow slogans of development, he said.
Imran Khan said that upcoming general election would be a great opportunity for the people to get rid of those Pharaohs looting and plundering the country’s recourse and public money for the last 30 years. The past rulers, who once belonged to Gawal Mandi area of Lahore, had now become billionairs and even their children and grand children had become billionairs, while the people were getting poor to the poorest, he maintained.