Radio plays an effective role in disasters besides providing information, education,entertainment: Saba Mohsin


ISLAMABAD, Feb 13 (APP): Director General,Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) Saba Mohsin Raza said Monday that Radio Pakistan is broadcasting its programmes in 23 national and 10 foreign languages and has its reach to over 90 percent population in country besides other parts of Asia and Eastern Europe. Listeners across world can listen to radio by webstreaming.
She was addressing a ceremony organized by News and Current Affairs channel of Radio Pakistan in connection with World Radio Day at the National Broadcasting House here.
Saba Mohsin emphasized that in spite of passage of 100 years, radio still plays an effective role in natural calamities and disasters besides providing information, education, and entertainment in ordinary circumstances. The Director General assured that Radio Pakistan will continue to provide services to all segments of society in country.
She said objective of celebrate World Radio Day is to inculcate significance of Radio as effective medium for information, education, and entertainment.
Radio is changing its face with changes in world and introducing websites and web radio, she added.
Ambassador of Holland, Jeannette Seppen said it is hallmark of radio
that every social problem is discussed on it with interaction with audience, particularly with youth who are capable of reshaping the country according to their aspirations.
Resident Coordinator UN Neil Buhne said with its access to people living in areas where no other medium has easy access, Radio is the means to bring people together.
He particularly mentioned Tribal Areas in this regard. He said Radio Pakistan has been a partner to UN and they produced over 100 programmes from this platform to inform people of Pakistan about the role the UN is playing in development of this country.
In his message, UNISCO Director General said being an effective medium, Radio gives voice to men, women, and other segments and helps in protecting their rights. Radio, he said, can provide beacon for solution of social problems.
In her speech, Ms. Anne Marchal, Deputy Head of the EU, termed radio as perfect tool of information, education, and entertainment and delightfully noted that World Radio function was being listened by millions of people in Pakistan live through medium and FM networks of Radio Pakistan.
Director UN Information Center in Islamabad, Vittorio Cammarota said Radio Pakistan is our second home which has been successfully projecting UN activities in country.