Rabbani urges congenial atmosphere among state institutions

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ISLAMABAD, Aug 11 (APP): Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani
Friday reiterated that system could not sustain confrontation between
trichotomy of power as he stressed a way out for congenial atmosphere
among the state organs.
In continuation of his assertions of the previous day during Senate
session, the Chairman once again underlined the need for intra-institutional
dialogue among three state pillars including Parliament, Judiciary and
Addressing at concluding session of two-day conference to
commemorate the celebration of 70 Years of the Parliament, the Chairman
said confrontation among institutions had slowed down the development
process and dialogue was the way forward to alleviate the intra institutional reservations.
He said there was a clear limits of every institution in the
constitution and every institution should play its role define in the
He said it was a high time to take right and bold decision.
“The people has very clear decision about democratic and federating system and they had historical struggle for this purpose”, he said.
Rabbani said a well thought conspiracies were hatched to demean the
political parties, parliament and democratic system. Unfortunately, 70 years
passed but no proper system could be in-placed, he added.
He said there was a great resilience in the Pakistani people as they
faced the menace of terrorism boldly and such resilience and determination
could not be found in the history.
Rabbani said the ruling elites grabbed the whole resources and the
citizens were denied to give their due rights. Now it was a right time to
address their problems, he added.
The Chairman said initially Pakistan’s struggle also demanded muslim
majority provinces and provincial autonomy and later gradually took shape
of a signal country.
He said that Quaid-e-Azam gave concept of a welfare state having
democratic, federal and progressive character.
However,Rabbani said that unfortunately the concept of welfare state was overwhelmed by security state resulting in changing the priorities.
He said out of total 14 historical points of Quaid-e-Azam, four were
directly related to the provincial autonomy.
The provincial autonomy were also mentioned in all constitutions, he added.
Rabbani said when one-unit was imposed in West Pakistan, efforts
were made to abolish it and restored the provinces.
He said wrong impression was given that provincial autonomy would weaken the federation.
The Chairman said that Pakistan was a multi-lingual and ethnic state and the diversity could create unity.
However, a centrist mindset has always tried to
hoodwink the masses and strangulate the history. “They forgot the fact that
unity emanates from diversity,” he added.
The Chairman Senate further observed that history had been distorted
and there was no mention in syllabus books about the struggles and hardships
faced by the people of Pakistan for upholding democracy and democratic
system in the country.
He expressed the hope that the democratic system was gradually being strengthened day by day.
He urged the youth to realize their responsibilities and play active role in national development.
Earlier, Executive Director Pakistan Institute for Parliamentary Services Zafarullah Khan welcomed the Chairman.
The Conference was attended by people from different walks of life including students, representatives of civil society, academia and experts.