Rabbani sends Corporate Rehabilitation Bill back to Standing Committee

ISLAMABAD, Oct 3 (APP): Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani on Monday sent back to the Standing Committee, the Corporate Rehabilitation Bill 2015, as moved by Senator
Saleem Mandviwala citing that it was against the rules.
The Chairman observed that during discussion at Standing Committee the Chairman of the Committee (Saleem Mandviwala) had cast the casting vote in favor of the bill despite that he was also mover of the bill.

So, it should be re considered at the Committee level.
Minister for Law and Justice, Zahid Hamid had opposed the bill and contested that it will have serious consequences.

He said that the bill was passed with the vote of the Chairman Standing Committee which was decisive vote as the votes in favor and against the bill were equal.

The minister said that as the Chairman was the mover of the bill and he should have not cast his vote at the Committee.
Zahid Hamid said the people would get stay order from the courts against the bill as the model proposed in the bill did not exist in other countries.

Saleem Mandviwala said the government had assured to move such a bill, but it did not. Therefore, he had moved this bill and now it has come to the House after approval by the Standing Committee.

Saleem Mandviwala said that he had cast his vote on suggestion of Secretary Standing Committee.