Rabbani for concerted efforts to enhance Senate powers

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ISLAMABAD Feb 13 (APP): Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani Monday
reiterated resolve of the Upper House to continue concerted efforts for enhancing its powers and having more vibrant role in parliamentary democratic system in the country.
Just before that the House passed a resolution recommending amendments in 11 articles of the Constitution to further empower the Senate, the Chairman said, the House was unanimous on the resolution as it was less empowered in various areas.
“The resolution is meant for enhancing powers of the House to further
strengthen democracy and making Pakistan a Federation in real terms,” the Chairman remarked.
“It will be our common agenda during next parliamentary year of the
Senate to pursue implementation of this resolution as amendment in article 72 is the most important amendment,” he added.
He explained that this amendment refers to vote count of National Assembly and the Senate on different issues during the joint sitting of the Parliament.
This amendment provides that ‘one vote of a member of Senate shall be proportionate to the total number of seats in the National Assembly divided by the total number of seats in the Senate’.
He said it was general practice that when two chambers were jointly in session, the votes proportion was arranged in a manner that none of the House was deprived in terms of number.
In this regard, he also quoted the example of Senate elections procedure where the votes of provincial assembly having minimum number of votes (Balochistan) was guaranteed by the Constitution to have equal numbers of the Senators when compared to provincial assemblies having more members.
He expressed hope that the resolution would be seriously considered by the government to enhance role of the Senate in various affairs in the parliamentary democracy.