Rabbani admits adjournment motion to discuss cross border firing

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ISLAMABAD May 31 (APP): Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani on Wednesday held in order an adjournment motion moved to the House to discuss the incident of firing by Afghan Security Forces on a census team operating inside the residential areas of Pakistan at Chamman.
Movers of the motion Senators Azam Khan Swati, Nauman Wazir, Sirajul Haq, Sherry Rehman and Tahir Hussain Mashhadi had argued that the matter was of an urgent nature and needed discussion in the House.
The members had taken exception of the cross border firing by Afghan
Security Forces and stated that Pakistani forces were fully equipped to give a matching response rather more, to the Afghanistan uncalled for aggression.
However, Pakistan has been always opting for restraint to ensure
regional peace.
But, such acts by Afghan Security Forces were unacceptable and the
government should ensure that a telling response is given to any recurrence of such acts in future, the members stated.
They had also sought form the government to adopt a permanent policy to counter such acts as Senator Sherry Rehman also demanded to direct the Foreign Office not to mention the Pak-Afghan border as Durand Line.
“How can two countries exist without a permanent border and since, Pakistan and Afghanistan have an international border and it should be mentioned likewise.”
The members also started that it was a matter of national honor and dignity, therefore the motion be allowed for discussion.
After listening the arguments, the Chairman said, during 262nd requisitioned session, Minister for Safron had already issued statement on the matter and if the matter is taken stricto-sensu under the rules, it will be hit by sub-rule (2) of Rule 87 and could not be taken up.
However, since the matter is of recent occurrence and repeated occasionally, therefore, I hold the motion in order and direct to fix it on the agenda on last day pf the current session.