Punjab, Tianjin agree to cooperate in teachers’ training, syllabi curricula


BEIJING, May 18 (APP): Punjab province and north China’s port city

Tianjin have signed two agreements to cooperate in teachers’ training, syllabi curricula and an innovation centre.
The agreements were signed between Technical Education and Vocational
Training Authority of Government of Punjab Province and Tianjin Modern Vocational Technology College and Tianjin University of Technology and Education.
Talking to media on the occasion, Chief Minister Punjab, Muhammad
Shahbaz Sharif expressed his great expectations for the cooperation.
He said, Tianjin’s industrialization and vocational education were
excellent, adding, to cooperate with Tianjin will promote the prosperity of Punjab and improve living standard of the people of Pakistan.
Terming China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as core project to raise
living standards in Pakistan, he said,”People between the ages of 16 and 30 make up about 60 percent in the whole country and they need to be trained to master some skills.”
He said, Pakistan suffered from low employment and outdated industry for
a long time due to a lack of adequate power supply, but now power projects constructed by China already working have brought hope to the country.
“The friendship between Pakistan and China is higher than Himalayas and
deeper than the deepest ocean. Our friendship is stronger than steel. Our friendship is sweeter than honey” he said.
Meanwhile, Secretary of Tianjin Municipal Committee Li Hongzhong and
Tianjin Mayor Wang Dongfeng met the Punjab Chief Minister and his delegation.
Li hoped both Punjab province and Tianjin will jointly participate in
the CPEC construction, and strengthen an all-round cooperation and exchange in the field of commerce and trade, science and technology, vocational education and tourism.
Shahbaz Sharif appreciated Tianjin government’s warm reception, and
said he would deepen the cooperation with Tianjin in the fields of vocational education, industrial park and textile industry.