Punjab doctors team starts treatment of dengue patients in KP


PESHAWAR, Aug 20 (APP): The Karwan-e-Sehat Team dispatched by the
government of Punjab for the treatment of dengue patients in Peshawar started its work with the checking of over 800 patients. The Provincial Minister for Health, Punjab, Imran Nazir himself is supervising treatment of the dengue patients.
Addressing a press conference, the Punjab Minister for Health, Imran
Nazir said that they had come to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for not politics.
The Punjab Minister for Health, Imran Nazir was accompanied by PML-N,
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa President, Amir Muqaam during the press conference while JUI-F activists Haji Ghulam Ali and Ateef-ur-Rehman were also present on the occasion.
Imran Nazir said that they wanted to serve their brothers in Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa, adding that two more mobile units, six ambulances and three mobile laboratories will soon reached Peshawar.
He said that they are ready to work under the supervision of the Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa government, but if they refuse then they will not leave the people of Peshawar at the mercy of anyone. He said that the issue should not be political.
The Punjab Minister said that on Saturday they made several telephonic
calls to KP Minister for Health, but he did not responded and now we are hopeful that the joint efforts will be started after meeting with him.
He said that the conditions of dengue patients in KP hospitals are
highly critical, saying if there is shortage of space, then these patients will be provided treatment in Rawalpindi.
He said that he is constantly in touch with Chief Minister Punjab, Mian
Shahbaz Sharif and provincial administration of Punjab and offering the expertise of Punjab in the eradication of dengue. The best resolution of the virus is prevention, which required large-scale efforts.
The Punjab Minister clarified that if the government of Khyber
Pakhtunkhwa is not agree to work with us then they themselves will work in the dengue virus affected areas and the people of Peshawar will not be left at the mercy of anyone.
Speaking on the occasion, the provincial president, PML-N and Advisor to
Prime Minister of Pakistan, Amir Muqaam said that they are not doing politics rather serving the people against dengue and standing by the people in this critical juncture.
He said that on behalf of Punjab two more units and three CBC analyzers
will reach Peshawar soon. He expressed gratitude to the government of Punjab in extending cooperation during this critical period.
Amir Muqaam said that a 13-member committee comprising of the
representatives of the area has been constituted, which will coordinate between the doctors and people and work for bringing improvement in the facilities.
He observed that refusal to cooperate with the doctors’ team from Punjab
and not accepting their services reflected that the provincial government instead of eradicating dengue is doing politics on it. He said that the provincial government should know that saving one life is equal to the saving of the whole humanity.