APP02-05 ISLAMABAD: September 05 – Chairman Standing Committee on Information Broadcasting & Heritage Senator Faisal Javed Khan addressing a press conference. APP photo by Javed Qureshi

ISLAMABAD, Sep 5 (APP):Chairman of the Senate’s Standing Committee on Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Faisal Javed on Wednesday expressed optimism that the government would succeed in restoring tax-payers confidence that their money would be utilized judiciously for their welfare and well-being.
Flanked by Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Media Iftikhar Durani, he told a press conference here that Pakistanis were the top charity giving nation and Prime Minister Imran Khan was on top in collecting the charity money in Pakistan due to the people’s trust in him.
“We have to restore the people’s confidence that their money will be utilized for their welfare and well-being,” he added
Faisal Javed said if the people knew that the money collected through taxes was safe and the rulers would not plunder the same, they would start paying more taxes voluntarily.
He said the government was saving billions of rupees of public money by adopting austerity measures and simplicity.
He viewed that on one hand Pakistanis were on top as far as giving of charity was concerned but on the other the number of tax-payers was less as compared to other countries. The people were not paying taxes as they did not have trust in the rulers, but the austerity measures taken by Prime Minister Imran Khan would now restore their confidence, he added.
He said the prime minister was living in a four-kanal (three-bed room) house instead of the 1100-kanal PM House. The chief minister and governor houses would be opened for public while work was in progress to convert the PM House into Higher Education Commission of Excellence University, he added.
The previous governments, he said, had been spending millions of rupees on the maintenance of PM, CM and governor houses. It was unfortunate that the past rulers used the public money for their comfort and on their lavish living.
How could rulers enjoy such comforts when the people had no clean drinking water, toilets and parks, and millions of children were out of schools. Pakistan was at 147th number in Human Development Index out of 188 countries, he added.
Senator Faisal said majority of the people in the country did not have access to basic facilities like health and education.
About 102 vehicles of the Prime Minister House would be auctioned on September 17, he added.
To a question, he said a task force had been established to devise an effective strategy for bringing back the looted money from abroad. Long-term polices, having legal cover, would be introduced to avoid spending public money on the rulers’ unjustified comfort, he added.
He said the prime minister and his team was working round the clock to fulfill promises made with the people. He asked the media to highlight shortcomings of the government. “We will welcome healthy criticism of the media with open heart.”
To another question, he said no Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) official was using abusive language against opponents on social media. He, however, advised the PTI supporters not to use derogatory language on social media. “If you are the supporters of PTI, please do not use abusive language on social media against anyone,” he requested.