ISLAMABAD, Oct 10 (APP): Senator Mushahidullah Khan Monday said Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf’s (PTI) Islamabad March would prove a massive failure like party’s such previous activities.

PTI March was not part of the agenda of Central Executive Committee (CEC) meeting of Pakistan Muslim League (N) as it would not have impact on the country, like the previous such activities.

The activity would achieve nothing but only make the masses to suffer,” Mushahidullah Khan said while talking to APP after the CEC’ meeting of PML-N.

He said Chairman PTI Imran Khan was pursuing the policy of destruction and masses were well aware about his reality. “Imran Khan cannot close down Islamabad.”

“Imran Khan’s announcement for closing down Islamabad is not a threat to democracy at all. Democracy is flourishing and getting mature in the country and democratic institutions are further strengthening”, he observed.

Imran Khan must be held accountable that what development he had brought to his own province over the last three years. He should have made his own province a role model for others, but he had not done anything except
destruction, Mushahidullah said.

The top agenda of Monday’s meeting was discussion on the arrangements for party election of President, General Secretary and other office bearers on October 18.

Mushahidullah Khan, who is also Party’s Secretary Information, said a committee was formed consisting members from all provinces for conducting the party elections. Chaudhry Jaffar Iqbal was nominated as chairman of the committee.

He said Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif presented very comprehensive speech during the meeting, comparatively analysing the developmental work done by the government in the previous three years.

He said it was observed in the meeting that the law and order situation had improved across the country especially in Balochistan and Karachi with prudent policies of the present government.

The Prime Minister briefed the party leadership about the progress work of Diamer-Bhasha and Dasu Dam, various energy projects to overcome power outages, Gwadar Airport and Kashmir issue, he said.

Mushahidullah Khan said “the issue of loadshedding will be
resolved by year 2018 through the prime focus and mega initiatives of the present government.”

The meeting, he said, largely focused on Kashmir issue and the party leadership applauded the PM’s stance about Kashmir issue at United Nations General Assembly.

Mushahidullah said the present government had revived the issue of Kashmir at international forum which was buried by previous governments.

After significant improvement on economic fronts and improved law and order situation, Mushahidullah Khan said, international organization had now acknowledged that Pakistan was the best place for investment.

The commitment was made in the meeting for continuing the country’s journey towards prosperity during the remaining tenure of the present government through adopting wise policies.

The increasing revenues upto 60 percent and drastic increase in tax collection were also mentioned in the meeting, he said.