PTI’s leadership responsible for Islamabad incident: Talal

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ISLAMABAD, Oct 27 (APP): Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz MNA Talal Chaudhry Thursday said Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI)’s leadership was responsible for clash between its workers and local administration in Islamabad.
The gathering of PTI workers was illegal after imposition of section 144 in the capital city, he said.
Speaking in a TV programme, he said PTI was asked to get formal approval from District Coordination Officer but PTI violated the law.
Talal said the government has been showing patience and
has not stopped any political party from protest so far and either it would do so.
However, law would take its course if anybody tried to violate the orders, he added.
He said arrests made by the administration were part of pre-emptive measures to keep the city open and functional.
The government would not allow protesters to make the capital city hostage, he added.
Talal said PTI was provoking people to break the law but the government would maintain rule of law.
He said if PTI wants to stage any protest it should adopt legal procedure, get approval from the DCO and then undertake its activity within the legal domain.