CCE meets to discuss KE transaction

ISLAMABAD, Oct 31 (APP): Minister for Defense Khawaja Muhammad Asif  Monday said protest was PTI’s right but its agenda to paralyse the federal capital and disrupting daily life would not be fulfilled.

Speaking in PTV programme, he said Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI)
chief Imran Khan was calling people to come out for protest but they were not responding on his call.

He alleged that Imran Khan wanted bloodshed to achieve his political
objectives but the government would use all resources to maintain peace.

The country had to pay huge price of PTI sit-in in 2014 that was why
the government was cautious this time and would not let PTI attack on national institutions, he said adding the government would ensure rule of law in Islamabad.

Khawaja Asif said that PML-N has trust in the judiciary and decision
of the courts would be accepted by PML-N but it was Imran Khan who was  not ready to face the courts.

He said PTI leaders were following the foot prints of their chief
Imran Khan and they were also using derogatory language against the
national leadership.

Responding to a question, he said long march organized by PML-N for
restoration of judiciary during Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) government
has no comparison with current protest movement by the PTI.

He said if PTI was sincere against the corruption, then what about
charity funds raised for Shaukat Khanum Hospital which were invested
abroad, Imran Khan should answer it.

The minister said that a case was also under process in the court
regarding charity funds raised for Shaukat Khanum Hospital but the PTI
was not appearing there as well.

Armed forces were rendering sacrifices to safeguard the borders of
the country and continuing successful war against terrorism, he said
adding that their sacrifices were unprecedented.

He said doors of the government were always open for political
dialogue but the government could not be blackmailed.

The Parliament was an appropriate forum for all political parties
and it should be properly used to take up all issues rather to be on
roads every time, the minister said.

He said reason for recent tension at Line of Control by India was
result of two compulsions in India, first was independence movement in occupied Kashmir in which innocent Kashmiris were being martyred by
Indian forces and the second was elections in different provinces in
India as Narendra Modi was trying to divert attention of its people and the world community.

Khawaja Asif said firing incidents at LoC and working boundary
by India not only caused human loss but also infrastructure damage.

To a question, he said the civil and military leadership was on the same page on the matter of country’s defense.

He said Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was elected by
people of the country and would not resign on demand of PTI.