PTI wants late Mian Sharif’s trial for his steel business in 1970s: Musadiq


ISLAMABAD, Jan 30 (APP): Spokesman to the Prime Minister Dr

Musadiq Malik Monday said the Pakistan Tehreek i Insaf (PTI) wanted
trial of deceased Mian Sharif for doing a steel business in 1970s.
Speaking at a press conference along with Pakistan Muslim
League-Nawaz Member National Assembly Daniyal Aziz, he said Mian
Sharif had a 35 years experience in steel business in the 1970s.
He said Mian Sharif died 12 years ago in 2004 at the age of
85 in Jeddah where the Sharif family was in forced exile.
He said three generations of Sharif family had given
themselves up for accountability and now at least two
generations of the PTI leaders should also be held accountable.
Dr Musadiq said wealth statements and income tax returns of
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz and Captain (r) Muhammad
Safdar were submitted to the court.
There was no other family in Pakistan whose three generations
had gone through such kind of accountability, he added.
He said it was proved in the court that no money was taken out
from Pakistan, hence no corruption and money laundering took place.
He said the Gulf Steel in Dubai was set up with a loan from BCCI through a tripartite agreement.
Initially, the Sharif family sold 75 per cent of the stake in
Gulf Steel in 1978 and later the rest 25 per cent stake was sold by
it for 12 million Dirhams, and proof of payment of 12 million
Dirhams was presented in the court, he added.
Dr Musadiq said documents presented as evidence in the court
included a certified original copy of the land lease agreement for
establishing the Gulf Steel in 1973, over 40 years back. The document
was issued by the Dubai Municipality.
Documents of registration of the factory, site and engineering
plans and shares sales agreement were also part of the documents put
before the court, he added.
He said according to an affidavit by a nephew of Mian Sharif,
Tariq Shafi, submitted in the court, 25 per cent of the shares were
sold to the owner of Ahli Steel Company, Dubai.
An agreement, he said, was signed and Ahli Company paid a net aggregate sum of 12 million Dirhams to Mr Shafi over the course of
the year in 1980. Later that amount was given to the Qatari family by
Tariq Shafi on the instructions of Mian Sharif.
The payment to Qatari family was overseen by the United Bank
of Switzerland which proved authenticity of the money trail, he
Dr Musadiq reminded that Nawaz Sharif, her daughter and son
had also submitted bank accounts details to give a money trail of
the cash gifts exchanged among them.
He said the opposition tried to build a case on the assumption
that 50 years back an unidentified person had committed a non-specific
He said a statement was forcibly taken from Ishaq Dar, when he
was held in prison at Attock Fort by the Pervez Musharraf regime
in horrifying conditions. Ishaq Dar was put on trial and later
acquitted in the case by the court.
The case was decided three times by the Lahore High Court and
the Supreme Court and nobody could be put on trial in the same case
under the law of double jeopardy, he mentioned.
He said the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) told the
Supreme Court that the application was not given against the court
verdict as the case against Ishaq Dar was not initiated on merit.
Daniyal Aziz said Imran Khan had constantly taken U-turns as
in 2008 he stated that statements taken forcibly hold no legal value
but now had a different stance.
He said a forcibly taken statement did not stand in a court
of law and Ishaq Dar had talked about the pressure put on him for
getting the statement.
He claimed that Jehangir Tareen, as a Minister of Industries
and Special Initiatives in 2007, in a statement to Securities and
Exchange Commission (SECP) confessed committing insider trading
and had to pay back Rs 70 million and a fine of Rs 15 million
on that account.
Jehangir Tareen, he addded, was caught trading shares in the
name of his gardener Allahyar and cook Haji Khan.
Tareen, his son, wife and daughter exchanged gifts of
Rs 1.674 billion among themselves, Daniyal stated.
He repeated that Imran Khan had formed an offshore company Niazi
Services Limited in 1983 and declared his flat under a black
money whitening scheme introduced by Pervez Musharraf.
He said Imran Khan and Jehangir Tareen were avoiding cases
filed in the Supreme Court and the Election Commission on charges of
misdeclaration of assets and financial misconduct.
Daniyal said Imran Khan bought property in Bani Gala with his
money but claimed that it was bought by her wife. Imran did not
mention the purchase in his wealth statement of 2002, he claimed.
He urged the Supreme Court and the Election Commission to hold
hearings of the cases against PTI leaders on day to day basis as was
done in the case of Sharif family.